Effective New Era Treatment Practiced For Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Cancer – the name itself is terrifying for anybody. Stage 4 Breast cancer is in the advanced stage and there is huge chance that it has spread into other parts of the body. In this stage the patients have usually exhaust all their possible options for cure. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other surgical options do not really work. Most of these patients lose all hope and follow the conventional treatment options. Most doctors do not opt for a different treatment procedure and because of that cancer remains as an unsolved puzzle.

Treating breast cancer at advanced stage is critical. However, thinking out of the box can be beneficial sometimes. There are certain factors that influence the growth of 4th Stage Breast Cancer. Inflammations, infections, cancer’s genetics and the related changes and immunity impairment can cause a lot of trouble in the advanced stages of breast cancer. There are some organizations where the experts try to treat breast cancer with tomorrow’s technology.

Chemotherapy is not effective in advanced stage

People often think that chemotherapy can cure cancer in all the stages. The truth is that the success rate of chemotherapy on advanced stages of breast cancer is only 2%. Breast cancer mutates really fast and that is why chemotherapy does not really work on the advanced staged. Initially you might notice some changes, but later it stops working on the cancer cells. There are some experts and groups who are now trying target chemotherapy. It will work on the affected cells only. The success rate is much higher here.

Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and Standard oncology treatments

Often the cancer spreads in multiple organs. Standard oncology treatment cannot always stop the metastasis and micro-metastasis together. For the oncologists it is a critical task to find out and track how the cancer cells are growing and spreading from breast to other organs. Both radiation and chemotherapy can reduce the size of the cancer cells and growths, but cannot kill it in the advanced stage. Advanced stage breast cancer spreads really fast and that is why the oncologists are now concentrating on the natural killer cells in the body. This can be a notable progress in case of breast cancer.
The immune system must be improved. Otherwise, the cancer cells will continue to grow even in a slower rate. Metastasis is the main reason behind the death of most of the cancer patients. The experts are now trying to imply target therapy and some other new age treatments for cancer. Hopefully, in the near future the name “cancer” won’t be a terrifying medical puzzle to the humankind.


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