The Great Administrator, “Dino Prato NMD”: CEO & Founder of Envita Medical Centers.

Dino PratoDino Prato NMD is the CEO and Founder of Envita Medical Centers of America, which is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a Naturopathic physician who graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Arizona. He obtained a Bachelors in Science, Biology & Chemistry from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona. He accomplished his training with some of the forerunners in the natural medicine community from around the world inclusive of specialists from Germany, Bavaria, India, and China.

 He annihilated the excellent chance to brush up on classical Homeopathic, detoxification, cancer care, microscopy, advanced ozone therapies, and a lot more. He got Licensed in Hawaii, Montana and Vermont. His main focused area is research and development of the latest medical technologies including both natural and conventional therapies.

 As a born administrator, He embarks on Envita Medical Centers over a decade ago. He set out to form a medical clinic that would help support better and more effective ways of anticipating and fighting disease. At Present, Envita is performing accurately that and is governing the way in its corporation. He worked as an authority for the Global Envita Corporation and leads the company with innovation, science, and education. In the year 2008, he accompanied in fostering and boosting the 1st biologic FDA-phase one drug study by a Naturopathic Doctor, practising the body’s own immune system to battle against cancer, Natural Killer Cell vaccine and Transplant.

Dr. Dino Prato is dedicated towards enlightening the community on disease prevention, and In the year 2009, he co-authored a book named as, “The Stupid Diet”, which was based on teaching the fundamentals to anticipating the three big killers known as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. He has produced a diet and lifestyle book in an attempt to assist Americans converse the overpowering tendencies of obesity and other ailments that straightaway bothering the country. His aim is to entrust people so that they don’t have to be sufferer to disease. During the year 2011, He co-founded Envita Mexico and innovating medical tourism to increase the options and technologies to help patients. Dr. Prato is continuously working to bang the lives, health, also health and prosperity of as many people as accessible by bestowing the premium supplements and nutritive products that assimilate the best accepted science.


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