Are you aware of the various stages in cancer?

There are different stages of cancer depending on the type of cancer. Usually, there are four stages of cancer, starting from 1 to 4. The staging system generally used by the doctors is very helpful in knowing the severity of a person’s cancer and in which stage of cancer he is struggling with. It is very essential to get sure about the stage of cancer so that the best possible treatment can be given to the patient. The condition of the patient is said to be as worsen when he found to be in the higher stage of his cancer.

According to some doctors from Envita Medical, the cancer starts from the stage 0. This stage is known as situ. It is the condition in which abnormal cells are found in the layer of the cells in which they build up. This type of cancer cannot spread through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system or into other tissues present nearby. Therefore, there is no or very little threat to the life of a person as it can be cured easily in its early stage.

Stage 1, which is also called as Localized cancer, is the stage in which the cancer is limited within the organ where it developed.

Stage 2 and 3, also known as Regional spread cancer, is the stage in which cancer starts to spread beyond its earlier position, to the nearby lymph nodes, tissues and organs.

Stage 4 cancer is also termed as Distant cancer. 4th stage cancer is the stage where, cancer has spread from where it developed to other organs of the body and distant lymph nodes.


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