Envita Rescues Patient from Breast Cancer Reformation.

Barbara Kowaldo,72, a mother of two daughters and a grandmother of four children, underwent a single radical mastectomy twenty eight years ago. She has faced breast cancer twice in her life.

After twenty five years, she was again diagnosed with breast cancer. At that time surgeon has told that she has come at the right time. They arranged a lumpectomy with the help of which they removed nine out of thirteen positive lymph nodes along with the tissue surrounding them. After completing the surgery, they provided her a little radiation.

At the time of her initial consultation with the oncologist, she was recommended an extremely aggressive protocol. Her prescription for four months involved IV chemotherapy, following which she was also given a prescription for a wig. She was informed by her doctors that even after the removal of her cancerous lymph nodes, there would still be some strong probabilities of its recurrence.

Barbara’s daughter was not satisfied with the given prescriptions of treatments, so she insisted to have other means of therapy. Following the advice of the daughter, Barbara started her education on natural medicine and detoxification. In this period, she was given a video of a doctor who recovered his cancer through a natural solution. She was surprised to know about various negative aspects of the drugs being used for the treatment of chemotherapy. She is much relieved after the elaboration of the surgeon shown in the video and is determined to avoid all the medicines prescribed by the oncologists. Now, she is also against the traditional chemotherapy treatment.

When Barbara finally decided to go for natural treatments, her youngest daughter Jeri, brought her to Envita Medical Center. It is one of the leading clinics, focused to advanced integrative medicine for cancer supportby providing cancer therapies from around the world. As she lived in New Jersey, the staff of Envita arranged a visit to Scottsdale Arizona. Barbara also added,”Its impossible to seek care anwhere after receiving the advanced options of Envita.It is the only clinic in the United States which offers truly therapeutic research-based therapies for patients”.

After completing treatment of six weeks,Envita left Barbara with great results. With a year or so, she continues to live healthy lifestyle, having her cancer markers in the normal stage. “ I am always going to miss the people, positive environment and the care given from Envita. I would love to recommend Envita to everyone.”


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