Envita’s Radio Interview: How Ethelete Wins Over Lyme Disease?

2004, a year which I couldn’t forget as I began to develop unexplained neurological symptoms of Lyme Disease. As an ultra-distance cyclist, the day I finished a 750 mile race, I started noticing a lot of unexplained psychological things within my body. I began to experience facial spasms, blurred vision, insomnia and inability to articulate words. I was habituated to training of 60 plus hours per week, but by 2006, I found myself unable to train myself more than 30 minutes per day.

Even after passing through different testing procedures and visiting many doctors, I didn’t get the right solution and convinced myself with the fact that it was a part of aging.

One of my friends suggested me to visit Envita. After speaking with the patient care coordinators and meeting with doctors, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. They were the only one, who understand the impact of Lyme Disease on my life and motivated me to move forward. They provided me with an effective treatment plan and the tools to stay fit in the future.

It is only because of the initial treatments from Envita Medical that I am able to live

healthily and happily. Now, I can easily hike Aspen Mountain trail thrice a week, ski race, mountain bike and prepare for the future competitions.


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