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Are you aware of the various stages in cancer?

There are different stages of cancer depending on the type of cancer. Usually, there are four stages of cancer, starting from 1 to 4. The staging system generally used by the doctors is very helpful in knowing the severity of a person’s cancer and in which stage of cancer he is struggling with. It is very essential to get sure about the stage of cancer so that the best possible treatment can be given to the patient. The condition of the patient is said to be as worsen when he found to be in the higher stage of his cancer.

According to some doctors from Envita Medical, the cancer starts from the stage 0. This stage is known as situ. It is the condition in which abnormal cells are found in the layer of the cells in which they build up. This type of cancer cannot spread through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system or into other tissues present nearby. Therefore, there is no or very little threat to the life of a person as it can be cured easily in its early stage.

Stage 1, which is also called as Localized cancer, is the stage in which the cancer is limited within the organ where it developed.

Stage 2 and 3, also known as Regional spread cancer, is the stage in which cancer starts to spread beyond its earlier position, to the nearby lymph nodes, tissues and organs.

Stage 4 cancer is also termed as Distant cancer. 4th stage cancer is the stage where, cancer has spread from where it developed to other organs of the body and distant lymph nodes.


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Innovative Discovery of Chemotherapy Drugs For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the dreadful diseases occurring in women. Many women in the world suffer from this disease. As the disease starts to spread, it gives a lot of problems to the body. At its advancing stage, the patients feel incredible pain and the chances of the complexities become higher. However some great hopes have been found to cure stage 4 breast cancer at Envita Cancer Treatment Hospital. Great signs of improvements have been found in the condition of patients with breast cancer.

One of the major causes due to which the breast cancer becomes dreadful is due to its metastability. This increases the complexity of the case. Hence metastatic breast cancer needs great dedication and concentration for its treatment, as breast cancer is a much sensitive case. It has been found that the changes in breast cancer patients after chemotherapy treatments are similar almost in all the cancer hospitals. Envita cancer treatment hospital has always been working with a strong dedication on this field.

The experienced researchers are finding out the new innovations which may be helpful for the treatment of breast cancer. They also came across shocking realities that mostly metastatic breast cancer patients receive wrong chemotherapy treatments. Most of them get side effects without getting any benefits. Hence to provide better results, Envita implements fractionated delivery method of chemotherapy. It results in providing lesser amount chemotherapy and offering better technique to target the cancer. The patients at Envita receive side effects which can be regarded as negligible. This also does not harms too much on patient’s health and immune system.

This cancer care centre specializes in personalized cancer therapy based upon the unique biomarkers within each patient’s tumour. Envita’s cancer specialists have also developed a customized and personalized research based treatment plans, which meet the needs of every individual patient.

The very popular targeted proprietary immunotherapy along with genetic testing and molecular profiling provided by Envita are really useful for the its patients. The results always come out to be excellent as the patients easily recover and overcome their metastatic breast cancer. On the other hand, the immune system of the patients needs to be very strong. The research reveals that decrease in rate of NK and NKT functions in immune system causes problem. This is one of the major aspect through which metastatic breast cancer tends to grow in the body. However these NK and NKT can be successfully expanded using latest laboratory techniques for immunotherapy. Envita has shown a lot of hopes for the patients dealing with stage 4 breast cancer and has always appeared with a perfect solution for their treatment. Many of the patients have successfully recovered from their cancer stages, through the effective treatment from this hospital.

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Envita Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Treatment Provides Great Stability

Prostate cancer is a disease which takes place in males. Just like other cancer diseases, this cancer also has several stages. The patient goes through various types of disorders on his body. This is due to the spreading of prostate to the other parts of body like bones and lymph nodes. But some stabilities and probabilities have been found in stage 4 prostate cancer. Envita, a great health center is showing new lights of hope to prostate cancer patients.

The patients suffering from prostate cancer do not get discharge off from chemotherapy regimens and testosterone blocking agents like Lupron. Some of its side effect results in breast growth and other harmonal related side effects due to which the health, energy and stamina of the body are poorly effected. The shortage of techniques and latest methods have always been the major drawback for the prostate cancer patients. In fact medical science has always been striving to find out some latest innovations. However some of the methods like robotic surgery and cyber knife have been proved out useful for the treatment of prostate cancer. MR-HIFU is the technology which has been found useful for the treatment of prostate cancer. It is efficient enough to destroy the real time tumor and treatment of bone metastasis without effecting the immune system.

Envita Cancer Health Care uses innovative techniques and latest world class technology. It implements the technique of dendritic cell immunotherapy which plays a major role in treatment of prostate cancer patients. However, this method is not in too much use as for now. The other research done by this cancer hospital is Natural Killer Cell Immunotherapy for assisting prostate cancer patients. There are billions of ready NK cells which have been prepared to destroy tumors as well as metastasis. The best part of NK cells are that, they are very active and prove out too much useful for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Envita also plans to replace some radiotherapy methods used to treat bone cancers through dynamic innovations using high intensity and focused ultrasound. The second powerful treatment factor involves AAIT, implementing killer cells to make strong immune system. There are more customized treatment options available for prostate cancer patients. However they are based upon factors and genetic information gathered through testing. It is always important to be alert from the sources that cause and enhance cancer. Some of such sources are epigenetic, environmental and genetic factors., while the other factors include infection, toxicity, hormone imbalances, genetic hormonal shifts and inflammation causing to nourish Stage 4 Prostate Cancer and many other cancers. The cancer patients at Envita are provided with targeted and aggressive methods to alter body’s environment, to keep prostate cancer and its growth stage in stable condition.

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The Great Administrator, “Dino Prato NMD”: CEO & Founder of Envita Medical Centers.

Dino PratoDino Prato NMD is the CEO and Founder of Envita Medical Centers of America, which is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a Naturopathic physician who graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Arizona. He obtained a Bachelors in Science, Biology & Chemistry from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona. He accomplished his training with some of the forerunners in the natural medicine community from around the world inclusive of specialists from Germany, Bavaria, India, and China.

 He annihilated the excellent chance to brush up on classical Homeopathic, detoxification, cancer care, microscopy, advanced ozone therapies, and a lot more. He got Licensed in Hawaii, Montana and Vermont. His main focused area is research and development of the latest medical technologies including both natural and conventional therapies.

 As a born administrator, He embarks on Envita Medical Centers over a decade ago. He set out to form a medical clinic that would help support better and more effective ways of anticipating and fighting disease. At Present, Envita is performing accurately that and is governing the way in its corporation. He worked as an authority for the Global Envita Corporation and leads the company with innovation, science, and education. In the year 2008, he accompanied in fostering and boosting the 1st biologic FDA-phase one drug study by a Naturopathic Doctor, practising the body’s own immune system to battle against cancer, Natural Killer Cell vaccine and Transplant.

Dr. Dino Prato is dedicated towards enlightening the community on disease prevention, and In the year 2009, he co-authored a book named as, “The Stupid Diet”, which was based on teaching the fundamentals to anticipating the three big killers known as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. He has produced a diet and lifestyle book in an attempt to assist Americans converse the overpowering tendencies of obesity and other ailments that straightaway bothering the country. His aim is to entrust people so that they don’t have to be sufferer to disease. During the year 2011, He co-founded Envita Mexico and innovating medical tourism to increase the options and technologies to help patients. Dr. Prato is continuously working to bang the lives, health, also health and prosperity of as many people as accessible by bestowing the premium supplements and nutritive products that assimilate the best accepted science.

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Effective New Era Treatment Practiced For Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Cancer – the name itself is terrifying for anybody. Stage 4 Breast cancer is in the advanced stage and there is huge chance that it has spread into other parts of the body. In this stage the patients have usually exhaust all their possible options for cure. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other surgical options do not really work. Most of these patients lose all hope and follow the conventional treatment options. Most doctors do not opt for a different treatment procedure and because of that cancer remains as an unsolved puzzle.

Treating breast cancer at advanced stage is critical. However, thinking out of the box can be beneficial sometimes. There are certain factors that influence the growth of 4th Stage Breast Cancer. Inflammations, infections, cancer’s genetics and the related changes and immunity impairment can cause a lot of trouble in the advanced stages of breast cancer. There are some organizations where the experts try to treat breast cancer with tomorrow’s technology.

Chemotherapy is not effective in advanced stage

People often think that chemotherapy can cure cancer in all the stages. The truth is that the success rate of chemotherapy on advanced stages of breast cancer is only 2%. Breast cancer mutates really fast and that is why chemotherapy does not really work on the advanced staged. Initially you might notice some changes, but later it stops working on the cancer cells. There are some experts and groups who are now trying target chemotherapy. It will work on the affected cells only. The success rate is much higher here.

Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and Standard oncology treatments

Often the cancer spreads in multiple organs. Standard oncology treatment cannot always stop the metastasis and micro-metastasis together. For the oncologists it is a critical task to find out and track how the cancer cells are growing and spreading from breast to other organs. Both radiation and chemotherapy can reduce the size of the cancer cells and growths, but cannot kill it in the advanced stage. Advanced stage breast cancer spreads really fast and that is why the oncologists are now concentrating on the natural killer cells in the body. This can be a notable progress in case of breast cancer.
The immune system must be improved. Otherwise, the cancer cells will continue to grow even in a slower rate. Metastasis is the main reason behind the death of most of the cancer patients. The experts are now trying to imply target therapy and some other new age treatments for cancer. Hopefully, in the near future the name “cancer” won’t be a terrifying medical puzzle to the humankind.

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Envita Reviews Teri’s Lyme Story

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Strep Throat: Consuming lots of antibiotics washed-out the good bacteria in my GI system that resulted in C-Difficile. I had to face so many difficulties such as severe tiredness, memory loss, brain fog, lack of concentration, puzzlement, blurry vision, red swollen eyes, respiratory challenges, weakness, GI pain, neck pain, jaw pain, sore throat and cough, insomnia, hair loss, mood swings, bad temper, increased allergies and what not. I then consulted my family doctor, she advised me for few tests including x-rays, ultrasounds and copious blood tests. After all the tests and visiting specialist all the reports came negative. She then prescribed me anti-depressants so that I could live with the Chronic Fatigue. But I didn’t want to live like this with all the problems. I was then referred to Envita where after having some tests, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and heavy metals toxicity and my treatment started. I saw instant results, although it taken almost a year to rebuild my strength. Most of the symptoms of Lyme have disappeared. I’ am really thankful to Envita for giving me back my previous active life.

Envita Medical center doctors are immensely helpful and show great sympathy towards patients concern. It is because of their whole-hearted dedication and devotion onto me that I saved my life from this so called deadly disease. But before that I got chance to know the origination and affected areas of the world by this disease. Though, possible treatments are available for Lyme disease, but I would like that you should not suffer like me, and step once for a while at Envita Medical Center for better future.

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Envita Medical Approach to Stage 4 Cancer beyond Chemo

One tactic cancer cells and stage 4 cancers employ to develop and progress is by avoiding programmed cell death (apoptosis.) In a normal body, apoptosis is the naturally-occurring process by which the body maintains healthy tissue function by disposing of damaged cells. It is triggered by signals, including cell stress and DNA damage.

In many cancer patients, we see the process of apoptosis averted. This allows cancer cells to continue to endure. In a healthy person, we may see apoptosis protect us from potential cancer situations up to 10,000 times per day; so what we must ask ourselves is “why then do Stage 4 Cancer patients divert this natural process?”

Mutations Bring About Stubborn and Resistant Stage 4 Cancers

Both internal and external cellular triggers can commence apoptosis.  To catalyze internally, the process relies on protein p53. In the event of certain mutations to this protein’s gene, the protein can become inactive, thereby inhibiting internally-triggered apoptosis functionality. This mutation is seen in up to 50 percent of all human cancers. By targeting this mutation, cancer treatments are enhanced significantly.

Stage 4 Cancers May Dodge Chemotherapy

It is common knowledge that radiation’s and chemotherapy’s ability to damage cell DNA, indirectly promotes apoptosis. However, cancer takes advantage of a tricky loophole to side-step what should be imminent trouble for its cells. As mutations to protein p53 can shut down apoptosis from within the cell, in such circumstance, cancer cells can escape the harm of conventional stage 4 treatments meant to wipe it out.

Because Envita has seen this repeatedly over the last decade plus of working with the most difficult cancers, we have become proactive. Our protocols call for preventative treatments designed to overcome p53 oncogene mutations through specialized nutrition, and encouraging healthy apoptosis.

Recognizing that nutritional, immunological, or impairments in toxin elimination deficiencies cancreate cancer-friendly environments is the first step. Taking action against the causes of these environments is what sets Envita apart.

Launching an Offensive on Cancer

By simultaneously catalyzing apoptosis outside and within the cell, it is possible to destroy cancer cells that were previously deemed conventional treatment-resistant. Depending upon the stage and cancer type, Envita has a variety of treatments to support mitochondria dysfunction – coupled with nutrients employed to restore healthy functionality. These unique treatments are a part of why Envita has such and impressive track record against advanced and stage 4 cancers.

Treatment Improved – Results Achieved

Envita’s Comprehensive Smart Oncology® program integrates successful oncology combinations with our aggressive natural therapies that affect apoptosis in cancer cells by using tumor destruction methods that actually rely solely on p53. Visit our PPMR process or contact us speak to one of our patient-care educators so that we can put an immediate plan in place for you.

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